Hasn’t that been a long time? I’m just so lazy nowadays I barely use PC (laptop) anymore. And why would I? Almost everything I need I can do on my phone. Any updates in my boring life I post on VK using the said phone. For games there are consoles. PC games? I barely played them to begin with, and I already played nearly all games I wanted to play to my heart’s content. Mainly Borderlands 2 of which I currently have 577 hours of play time. But I guess I’ll post a brief update post to bring no one who reads this blog up to date. So, let’s open my VK feed and I start ‘splaining.

Well, first things first. I said I would elaborate who Eeveona is. And there’s not much to talk about as I could no longer stand her after a couple of months. I met her in a chat of PokeRus translation group and we really clicked. We chatted non stop for a week and then continued to actively chat for a few more weeks. We met at some mall a few times and had great time just chatting, eating and playing games. But as we learned more about each other it turned out we had completely different life values. So different we couldn’t stop arguing. And boy she was stubborn! She was so dead set in her views she called anyone who didn’t accept them crazy and suggested visiting a psychiatrist. I unveiled a few demons in my soul, she harshly criticized them and I even became really depressed for a week or two. But then I started spotting inconsistencies in her views and called her out on them. She started raging. A lot. Especially when a few other people from the translation group’s chat started backing me up. In fact, she raged so much she left the chat (although just secondary, as flooding was forbidden in the primary one so nobody attacked her there). That’s when we basically stopped talking to each other. I don’t regret it. And I’m thankful for those few weeks of fun we had. I even got an OC design thanks to her.

OK, now to updates. I’ll skip memes and random thoughts.

During my vacation in August, 2016, I played reboot of Shadow Warrior. That was fun. Although that view bob made it difficult to aim at first. But I kept playing for jokes. It was worth it.

In September of the same year I, ZiPo and Jim went to an IRL quest. It was a lot of fun and we wanted to try another one, but we never got around to do that.

In the same month I finally received Bobby Backpack I backed in spring. Great backpack, but a bit small and straps kept slipping which caused shoulder pains for me.

At November 23, 2016 I bought Pokemon Moon. Loved that game, difficulty aside.

I also bought Xiaomi Mi Band 2. Really useful thing for me because of notifications. Also there’re time, step counter (kinda inaccurate) and pretty good sleep tracking, especially when paired with Sleep as Android app.

At the end of 2016, in December, I signed up for an English school Speak-Up. Worst desicion of the year. First, tuition was pricey despite the discount they gave me, because you had to pay for a whole year. And their manager made me get a loan. Yeah… I should’ve just got up and left the moment they started talking about getting a loan. Second, the course consisted of two parts, classes and their special PC program, which turned out to be at least 10 years outdated garbage. Classes were fun, I learned that my English level is much higher than I thought (except grammar, but I wasn’t surprised here). But it also turned out I was so, so much better than other students. And I was put on a pretty high level. That says a lot about their teaching methods, especially when you hear a level 10 (out of 15) student mumbling incoherently (first I was assigned level 8, but I complained it was too easy, so they moved me to level 10 later, but other students’ knowledge barely improved), unable to form proper sentences. In the end I only finished a few lessons in their garbage program and only attended classes. By the end of the first course I knew I wanted a refund. And getting that took me 3-4 months, and I got less than I was promised by the manager. At least it almost covered the loan I took, so I made one relatively small final payment and was free from that.

During winter holidays in January, 2017, I was bored and decided to install custom firmware on my Nintendo 3DS consoles. That resulted in a bricked New 3DS. But I was more careful installing CFW on the old 3DS, so I was successful. Luckily, CFW also had Region Free patch, which meant I could play my PAL games (N3DS was PAL, O3DS is NTSC), although I did lose my Super Pokemon Mystery Dungeon save file as the game was digital. Later I bought a used N3DS, as Nintendo just completely stopped manufacturing those and pushing New 2DS and N3DS XL instead, neither of which I wanted. I also successfully installed CFW on new N3DS (the method changed: it became more simple and completely fool-proof), bought cartridge for Super PMD and beat the game again. I also bought some other game’s cartridges, although I was mostly pirating games at this point.

In February, 2017, I got my Fidget Cube knock-off. Interesting toy, I played with it a little for a few months, then my hands became more comfortable in pockets, so I stopped.

In May, 2017, I bought an Exploding Kittens deck. It was really fun playing with my friends, although I sucked at it, so eventually I stopped bringing it with me.

At November 17, 2017, I bought Pokemon Ultra Moon. The changes were kinda weird, but I enjoyed the game even a little more than Pokemon Moon.

At the very end of the year, when I was on my mandatory vacation, I was bored and looked into tunnels, proxies and privacy. It made me set up numerous VPNs (OpenVPN on two servers and Shadowsocks proxy on one). Later Telegram got blocked in Russia, so additionally I set up a regular proxy using 3proxy.

At June 26, 2018, I bought Nintendo Switch. It’s too big and too expensive, but games are worth it. Although games are pricey too. Since there’s no region lock for games, I bought Taiko no Tatsujin, which is a Japanese game, but it’s the second game in the history of the brand to have English translation. Too bad there is region lock for adding funds, so I had to buy a cartridge. But in the end I think it was for the best. Switch is built to be more digital, but I still think cartridges are a way to go, even though at first I was thinking about going completely digital.

Among positives of going physical is an ability to buy used games. One of those for me was Pokken Tournament DX. I played it for 15 hours and we had a few matches with Jim. Ultimately he kicked my ass, but not by a lot. It was too stressful for me, though, so we haven’t played after that. And I haven’t touched the game after beating it, so I have about 15 hours on it, while Jim has about 40 hours. I don’t stand a chance anymore anyway and I don’t play competitively online.

In August, 2018, I got into fountain pens. Yet another abyss to throw money at… At August 18 I bought Lamy Safary. Too bad (or good, as it means I won’t buy as many pens) I can’t really write with nibs thicker than F. The pen’s bib turned out to be too scratchy for me, but it writes consistently, which can’t be said about Jinhao 911 and Baoer 388 which I bought in AliExpress. I also bought Jinhao X450, but it was M, so I gave it away to ZiPo.

That’s about it. I’ll try to try and post updates here as well.


It turned out, that I need a full featured website much less than a simple blog. I don’t want to have a blog on Tumblr, but I do like their implementation of it, so I went with Chyrp, which is pretty close. But then Chyrp died, so I moved to Hugo. The blog is NSFW, as I might occasionally post some pr0n and other disturbing stuff.