Mirror mirror on the wall...

I finally set up a mirror for Slackware 14.1 and -current (both i686 and x86_64) as well as multilib for 14.1. Here are the links:




Mirrors are updated every 2 hours. Be warned, however, that FTP access is VERY limited: only 4 clients at a time with no more than 2 connections per IP.

I may add other not too big repos in the future.

They say...

…that the Linux distributions are many. But there aren’t actually that many of them. Sure, there are literally thousands of so called “distributions” that quite a lot of software developers complain about, but if you look at them, almost all of them are spin-offs (and compatible ones) of just a few major distributions. How did I come to this conclusion? I became bored and wanted to try something new. But when I looked around, I didn’t see anything new.


Katawa Shoujo

Ikezawa Hanako ending

A few days ago I learned about a game called Katawa Shoujo. What appealed to me was a Linux version. I am not into visual novels, in fact this was my first game of such genre, but I decided to give it a try. After all, a bunch of cute disabled girls is a pretty original (albeit probably not new) concept. And I tried… And I took a lot of time from my sleep in order to complete the game.


Ponified avatar

This is a (sort of) ponified version of my avatar drawn by ZiPo. Well, its sketch looked more badass, while the finished version before edits looked more kawaii (and a bit wrong). But I’m more or less satisfied how it turned out in the end. Didn’t expect the pony to be so slender, though. I need to lose a few kilos to match him. Also, a horn wasn’t supposed to be this big, but ZiPo tends to like it when a pony has a big and thick… horn.


Year 2014: Conclusion

Celestia and Luna: New Year

So, today is December 31st, 2014. It’s time to summarize everything I’ve done during the year of horse. Thankfully, I kept most of the important events in this blog. Coding First (according to this blog, because I have terrible memory), I started sharing my code. The first script I shared was to “rip” music from Google Music Android app. Mostly I shared my SlackBuilds. Later this year I set up a git repo, and near the end of the year I finally made a GitHub account.



It turned out, that I need a full featured website much less than a simple blog. I don’t want to have a blog on Tumblr, but I do like their implementation of it, so I went with Chyrp, which is pretty close. But then Chyrp died, so I moved to Hugo. The blog is NSFW, as I might occasionally post some pr0n and other disturbing stuff.