My Steam games

I bought too many games on Steam, so I made a list of them here. I also added information whether I played the game at all, finished it, liked it and my thoughts about it. P.S.: There’s no way to export your game list from Steam, so I had to type the whole list of games by hand. Fortunately, I know Python, which really helped me by automating the table generation.


SlackBuilds batch

I’ve been a bit busy with script writing, as you can see. But let me tell you everything in the right order. Mintstick As I said in my post on Google+, there’s a shortage on tools for USB sticks formatting. The one I chose in the end was mintstick. It’s simple enough for the average PC user and doesn’t have many dependencies. I was also considering Gnome Disk Util, which is for some reason like alpha and omega of easy to use formatting tools, but it requires gnome-common at very least, so I decided to go with mintstick, which I really liked.



#!/usr/bin/env python #-*- coding: UTF-8 -*- import sqlite3 import mutagen.id3 from mutagen.easyid3 import EasyID3 from mutagen.mp3 import MP3 from subprocess import call def getStuff(database): conn = sqlite3.connect(database) c = conn.cursor() result = c.execute("SELECT LocalCopyPath, Title, Album, Artist, Composer, Genre, Year FROM MUSIC WHERE Id IN (SELECT MusicId FROM SHOULDKEEPON)") stuff = [] for track in result: stuff.append(track) # Let's be good programmers and close the connection to database, even though there were only read operations conn.



It turned out, that I need a full featured website much less than a simple blog. I don’t want to have a blog on Tumblr, but I do like their implementation of it, so I went with Chyrp, which is pretty close. But then Chyrp died, so I moved to Hugo. The blog is NSFW, as I might occasionally post some pr0n and other disturbing stuff.