Git repo

I finally set up a git repo! Well, I already had one, but it was private and for my translation project. Now I added a repo for my SlackBuilds and a web interface. If you’re interested in my translation projects, please note LICENSE.txt file. It is a CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license. So, yeah, if you grab my subtitles (or whatever), you are free to use them as you wish, but you have to credit me, you may not use them for any commercial purposes (unless I directly gave you my permission, which is unlikely) and you must use the same or compatible license.



It turned out, that I need a full featured website much less than a simple blog. I don’t want to have a blog on Tumblr, but I do like their implementation of it, so I went with Chyrp, which is pretty close. But then Chyrp died, so I moved to Hugo. The blog is NSFW, as I might occasionally post some pr0n and other disturbing stuff.