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I FINALLY received a package.

Why “finally”? Well, while most of times it was rather easy, this time I discovered how much burocratic as fuck Italy is.

First of all: January 21st was my birthday (I don’t like to spread it everywhere, so don’t worry if you didn’t know. Just in case you cared in the first place) and a friend of mine sent a birthday gift for me a few days before. He didn’t tell me what it was to keep it a surprise. He just gave me the code to track the package and so I did using 17track.

The site initally didn’t work (the package still had to move I suppose), but I wasn’t too worried. I… err… somewhat trusted the mail service. Days pass until the end of January… but no signs whatsoever. I go check on the site and saw the tracking started working… discovering that the package was stuck at the customs for insufficient documentation.

Every time I see a message like that, I shiver. Because I know it’s gonna suck.

First of all, the package was stuck there since January 28th. When this happens, the receiver must fill the documents in order to let the package go.

I received them EIGHT DAYS LATER, February 5th. Six days if we are not counting weekend.

So, what I had to do? Write down the description of the content, weight, dimensions and the estimated value. But I didn’t know what’s inside, so what to do? Yes, I had to ask my friend what he sent me, then write it down. And since the instructions were not that clear and I didn’t know if they needed all the receipts or not, I gave them anyway because i didn’t want to risk.

At this point… have a little laugh. Why? After I filled the form, I needed to send it back to them. I thought the only way to do it was via regular mail. And my EPSON printer is an asshole: I wanted to print the receipts IN BLACK and my black ink cartridge was FULL. BUT NOPE. The printer DEMANDS ALL COLORS, otherwise “FUCK YOU, YOU TWAT!! I’M NOT GONNA PRINT UNTIL ALL THE COLORS ARE FULL!!”. Little bratty piece of plastic… So, I decide to make it happy because I (thought) needed it. Apparently only the cyan ink was missing. Easy enough: buy it, change it and done. … Right? NOPE. I install the cyan ink, does… something and THEN tells me “NOW GIVE ME RED!!”. You. Little. Bastard. WHY YOU DIDN’T TELL ME YOU WANTED RED TOO?! Two days later: buy red, change the cartridge. “Thank you. Since you’re so obliging… BUY ME THE YELLOW ONE TOO!!”.

OK, no. I didn’t actually burn it. But just because it has a scanner too and I need it.

At this point I looked again at the form… discovering that I can just email everything instead of doing all this bullshit.

Yeah, I’m a fucktwat, ‘kay?

Ow well, I scan the document (you see? I still needed this piece of crap, but this time NO MORE INK FOR YOU. HA!), send everything aaaand… today finally came.

Aw gawd! Now I have my own Modes-Celestia! ヽ(´∇`)ノ

Unfortately, I don’t have much space on my room, so I keep it (still in the box) on my desk. When I’ll install some shelves, I’ll put it there. Maybe.

But first I end this post… there’s a thing I’d like to spread. If you want to send a package to someone you know, no matter where:

  1. Gather more infos as you can about the customs and postal service of his/her country and what is allowed to enter (some products may be forbidden and destroyed/sent back);

  2. When you send the package, add the highest number of infos as you can about the content. The more is, the less is the risk it may be stopped;

  3. Always check the tracking or give the code to your friend to see if something happens;

  4. Remember that some countries (if not all) have customs fees and usually the RECEIVER has to pay for them. If you think a friend of yours cannot afford that (assuming you gathered infos about their country and how much a customs fee is there), check if you can pay it for them or send them the money in order to they can do it themselves. If you’re in the European Union, this usually doesn’t apply… but keep an eye open, no one knows.

Aaaand that’s it for now. If you are wondering what happened to Modestia… well, I have tons of projects to start and I need to do them ASAP. But never worry: Modestia is slow but never stops moving.

See ya!

— DZAladan


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