Yet another vector

ZiPo's OC

A couple of days ago I was talking with my friend ZiPo. He asked me to try end make a vector from one of his sketces, and I agreed. Today I finally had time and energy to sit down and work on it, so I tried and this is what I got. This is ZiPo’s OC as Lich King (sorta). The face on the sword is just my little joke.

I have no idea how to make shades to not got outside of the main picture. I also had to improvise with colors, hind legs and a sword, that’s why they look like crap (I am not an artist). I only traced what ZiPo drew, so if something was missing, I have no skill to add it.

Original sketch:

Software used: Inkscape Time wasted: 4-5 hours.


It turned out, that I need a full featured website much less than a simple blog. I don’t want to have a blog on Tumblr, but I do like their implementation of it, so I went with Chyrp, which is pretty close. But then Chyrp died, so I moved to Hugo. The blog is NSFW, as I might occasionally post some pr0n and other disturbing stuff.