This is a mirror to music of Slitherkitty, an awesome musician and artist. While it’s easy for him to post his art (lots of image sharing websites, as well as tumblr itself), it’s a different thing with music. He has nowhere to store it, so he stores it to his Dropbox, but he has to wipe it periodically, so a lot of links to his music are dead. Quite some time ago I offered him to use my server to store his music and other works, but he declined, so links to his work continue to die.

This is what I was able to retrieve either by ripping from tumblr or by visiting other places with his music. The tracks are categorized by my liking, it’s not official. Paid (optionally) albums from his Bandcamps are not included.

Paid albums/tracks:


It turned out, that I need a full featured website much less than a simple blog. I don’t want to have a blog on Tumblr, but I do like their implementation of it, so I went with Chyrp, which is pretty close. But then Chyrp died, so I moved to Hugo. The blog is NSFW, as I might occasionally post some pr0n and other disturbing stuff.